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Hiya! I'm Jamie. My love of ice cream goes back to my childhood. While I'll always view it as a delicious sweet treat, it goes beyond that for me as a symbol of love and bonding with my family. Growing up, I'd always look forward to big family get togethers because I knew my grandfather would bust out the family's homemade vanilla ice cream. Hearing the buzz of the motor on top of that cold wooden bucket meant I'd be getting a delicious treat soon; I couldn't wait! Throughout the years, no matter where my family and I went, we always found an ice cream shop and always had to get our sweet tooth fix.

My love of frozen desserts combined with years in the food service industry all while keeping a curious mind towards flavor combinations has led me to my very own ice cream business. I would love to turn your next curious craving into a delicious dessert, or a classic flavor into your new favorite! Any occasion, any flavor, I'm always up for the next sweet challenge and next opportunity to make an unforgettable treat!
The finest handmade, small-batch...
Ice Creams, Custards, and Frozen Desserts
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